Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Week In Review

This week we had rain, snow, and sunshine.

Sunday: I ran 4ish miles in my basement, round and round and round. It was a great time of reflection and I was thankful to have a place where I could run but not be caught in the downpour of rain.

Monday: I ran 8 miles, the second time I had run that route. I wasn't feeling great on Monday, and it was the same route I had run a week previous, also a day I wasn't feeling well. Somehow I managed to run the same route about 6 minutes faster this week than last week. I think last week I was much more tired, but it is still fun to see such major improvements.

Tuesday: I ran 5 or 5.1 miles, not my fastest 5 miler during this training. However, it was a good run.

Wednesday: Rest Day. I used to hate Wednesdays because they were rest days. Not that I always want to run, but there is something addicting about having a goal to meet and meeting it day by day. I was just lonely and bored on Wednesdays, so I began volunteering in a second grade class. I really enjoy the class and the kids and I am learning a lot from the teachers. This week was my second time in the classroom as a volunteer, though I spent a week observing there last fall.

Thursday: 12.0 miles. It was my second time doing 12 miles during this training. The first time was a really big deal because I hadn't run that far in probably over 5 years. This time I have three runs longer than that under my belt, so it seemed "short" in my head. Not short, I guess, but do-able. That mental switch is a cool monitor of my mental progress, if that makes sense. I did run it about 6 minutes faster than last time, I didn't feel as tired while running or as accomplished when I finished. But it was a good run and a great way to get my mind centered before my presentation tonight. Also to take my mind OFF of the presentation! Songs to run to: Glee. Glee music is great for running!

Friday: I am supposed to Cross Train tomorrow, but I will be on a plane most of the day, going to a work event. I hope to get some cross-training in, as I totally love getting that break from running to do something else physical.

Saturday: A rest day will be spent on my feet at Williamson Chapel in Mooresville, NC doing a Feed My Starving Children event. I'm excited!

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