Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today I ran farther than I have ever run before, and longer than I have ever run at one time. And it was good...

I have to say I was nervous about the whole thing after my 15 mile run last week. It was hard and I was dragging. The thought of doing 11 more miles was daunting. It seemed impossible.

Today, though, I ran 16 and I ended knowing that I could keep going. I wasn't eager to run 10.2 more to complete the marathon distance, but I knew that I could run at least 2 more. My knees hurt the whole time, but not to the point that I needed to stop, and they haven't been bothering me since. I was more hungry than I have ever been during a run, and I will have to bring along more raisins next time!

I wish I could blog while running, because I have so much more to say while on a run, and things seem so much more interesting. Instead of interesting, you get this. However, I do plan to share more stories about some of the kids Feed My Starving Children feeds so that you have more reason to donate than just hearing about my runs being long or short, good or bad. So there's something you can look forward to in the near future.

My niece and sister-in-law are here visiting, so I ran my long run a day early this week, which will give me an extra day off with which to run around following a toddler. I can't wait!

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