Monday, March 14, 2011

Impacting 100...and counting

It costs Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) $24 to feed 100 kids for a day.
It costs FMSC $168 to feed 100 kids for a week.
It costs FMSC $744 to feed 100 kids for a month.
It costs FMSC $8760 to feed 100 kids for a year.

Last weekend I worked with the Lindemanns, founders of Lindemann Chimney. They, as a company, had gone down to Aurora to pack food for Feed My Starving Children, and wanted to host an event. Mr. Lindemann said their company's goal for this year was to impact 100 people's lives. I love that goal. It reminds me of the movie Pay It Forward, which so intrigues me. Anyway, after a lot of planning and preparation, Lindemann Chimney hosted an event in Lake Bluff last weekend. In the course of one day, they packed enough food that 293 kids could eat 1 meal a day for an entire year. These are kids who would otherwise not eat their daily servings of the nutrients they need to be healthy. These are kids who might not eat at all were it not for Feed My Starving Children food. It took some planning, some fundraising, and a lot of faith, but the Lindemanns and Lindemann Chimney joined the ranks of Feed My Starving Children Event Hosts last weekend, and impacted not just 100 people's lives, but about 293...and the lives of those around the kids who will be eating the food also will be impacted...and the lives of those people whom these kids will continue to interact with throughout their lives...exponential impact.

Oh, and one of the coolest parts for me was finding out that Mr. Lindemann will also be running the marathon on May 7th with me. I was blessed to work with the Lindemanns and I hope to see them again at the marathon!

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