Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mission Trip Day 6 (Mar 3) Avaroa, El Alto

I wake up miserable after a poor night’s sleep. I am exhausted all morning and have no desire to do anything. There is such great opportunity in this day, in this place, and all I want to do is sleep! I can’t shake the fog. After lunch I lay down for about 10 minutes, and then jump out of bed eager to go. Go figure. The rest of the day is spent enjoying every minute. It’s about time! Another program with kids, a fun photo session with the kids from Compassion, internet time, plaza program. I love this life.

...Her name is Nancy. She is 8 years old with dark red/brown cheeks and a curious look in her eyes. At first she just listens as I try to engage a group of students before our evening plaza program. The students enjoy (i.e. laugh at) my broken Spanish and ask questions about English, and as they leave one by one and two by two to change their clothes after school, Nancy becomes a charming, fast friend. Her ready smile and eager personality win my heart. She leaves after awhile, but about 45 minutes later comes running back to the plaza, runs straight to me, and gives me a huge hug. She is now wearing a large coat and a cute Bolivian Andean style hat. We sit up close to the stage and enjoy chatting and watching the drama that the CEC students are doing. She says she is in the Compassion program, but says she doesn’t know who Jesus is. I tell the story. Then I must go and do a dance with the students on the stage, and as I finish, Nancy is there waiting for me. We go to play on the slides and then go back to dance some more. She wants me to come home with her, but I must decline. I wish I could stay and teach her more about Jesus.

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