Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mission Trip Day 11, Mar 8

We spent six hours in church before lunch. That is about five hours more than I normally spend in church in the United States. After church, we had another Sunday pot luck. We all sat out in the courtyard and watched as platter after platter of traditional Altiplano food was presented. Chunyo, potatoes, noodles, fried bananas, meat, meat, meat, corn, etc. We ate until the food was gone, and then were surprised by a heaping bowl of soup as well. Another blessing was about 20 2-liter bottles of soda! Wow. We are so blessed. The blessing felt even sweeter after hearing a sermon on faith by a man that joins the ranks of those mentioned previously, those that one day found themselves without enough money to eat nor get home, and God provided their daily bread.

After another children’s program in the afternoon, we went to a nearby plaza on a busy street and set up our program, which would be held on the bed of a large 18wheeler type truck. So cool. The church was in charge of this program more than we were, so we just supplemented with mimes and dances. There were two Bolivian folk music groups, including my favorite local group, Suma Qhana (which means Good Light in Aymara).

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