Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mission Trip Day 13, Mar 10

It is always difficult to say goodbye to new friends, especially friends that have shared in ministry. We drove out of the church yard in Avaroa amidst about 100 students waving and asking for email addresses. I received an incredible letter from a friend as a goodbye gift. It is hard to leave these people.

We drove from the skirts of the altiplano into the heart of the canyon of La Paz. We first went to visit the family that I often stay with in La Paz. We rested there for a few minutes, dropped off the boys’ stuff (they would be sleeping there for one night) and then went to the house of a pastor and CEC teacher for lunch. It was a beautiful time of rest and games and eating lots and lots of food. We had the afternoon free before our evening program, and I went to the Post Office with Blanca, the mother of Andrea, whose house we visited first today. We walked all over downtown La Paz. Cars were not allowed on the main street due to a parade/march by those wanting something from the government. I don’t really understand the political things here, but this street, El Prado, is always full of action and entertainment. We picked up some mail (woohoo!) and then enjoyed the downtown together. When we got back to her house, it was just about time to leave for the evening program near the top of the canyon (for lack of better description).

The weather looked incredibly daunting as we arrived for an outdoor program. The wind was blowing dust everywhere, and the evening sky was red and purple with storm clouds. We prayed for clear weather, knowing that this program could potentially change lives. During the program, there was a little mist, but otherwise no problems. A clear sky overhead surrounded by storms over the rest of La Paz.

This program was in a location where there were a lot of young people outside. Many of them were drinking, and many of them heard the messages of the evening. A number of them accepted Christ that night as we talked to them individually, and we have heard reports of new members in the church. It is neat to hear the updates.

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C H A S E said...

Thanks for sharing about your life, friend. I love it and wish I had more of a chance to read your every word. Better yet, I will wait for our multiple hour face-to-face conversation. Some day. Keep going and doing!

Love life,
- c h a s e