Monday, March 9, 2009

Mission Trip Day 12, Mar 9

This morning we were supposed to rest, but my brain wouldn’t let me. I searched for internet, but for five different reasons, I couldn’t use the five cafes nearby. I walked through the plaza with my friend Yesmi, and we ran into some kids we knew from the Compassion program. They are so cute. My friend Nancy, who used to be sponsored and also worked in the letter-writing program with Compassion, helped me find out about my friend Amber’s sponsored child, also located in El Alto. As a surprise for both of us, we were able to get together in the afternoon! I went to the main Compassion office in El Alto and there met Jhonatan and his mother Virginia. It was an incredible experience for me, standing in as a sponsor’s friend. Beforehand I knew nothing about this boy, but now I feel like I am a family member. We talked for about two or three hours, and then I needed to leave with the woman who had brought me there. The entire experience was simply incredible for me, and hopefully for Jhonatan as well.

I have only good things to say about the Compassion program that we visited. Although I know there can be problems on many levels with any type of organization, I saw many, many good things. The kids are in a Christian environment three times a week (in this case, it may be more in other projects), they are well fed at the program, they receive medical attention when needed, they have wonderful Christian mentors/tutors, they receive help with their homework, they all get a toothbrush and learn good hygiene habits. I was also very impressed with the staff at both of the sites we visited.

I encourage all of you to sponsor a child, and if you are already sponsors to really prioritize letter-writing. The kids and their families can be profoundly impacted by a relationship with a sponsor, but there are many kids who never hear from their sponsors. The program is incredibly affordable and changes lives. Please visit Don't hesitate!

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