Friday, October 23, 2009

Gente de Toda Lengua y Nación de Generación a Generación

Señor eres fiel y tu misericordia eterna,
(Lord you are faithful and your mercy is eternal)
Señor eres fiel y tu misericordia eternal
(Lord you are faithful and your mercy is eternal)
Gente de toda lengua y nación
(People from every tongue and nation)
de generación a generación
(From generation to generation)

Te adoramos hoy
(We adore you today)
Aleluya, aleluya
Te adoramos hoy
(We adore you today)
Eres Señor
(You are Lord)
Eres fiel!!!
(You are faithful)
(Eres Fiel, song by Coalo Zamorano)

Toda lengua confesará declarará tu gloria,
(Every tongue will confess, will declare your glory)
las rodillas se doblarán adorando,
(knees will bow adoring)
tu nombre exaltado será,
(your name will be exalted)
y tu reino Anciano de Días nunca pasará...
(and your kingdom, Ancient of Days, will never pass away)
(Anciano de Días/Ancient of Days)

The tears flow as I sing those songs, flowing mostly for Kodjo and my grandmother, but also for all my friends or even just the beautiful people I have seen along the way. I remember people who speak such beautiful languages in some of the places I have been: Ewe, Gourmanchéma, Fon, Aymara, Biali, Spanish, English, Guaraní, Quechua, Chinese, French…I picture my English-speaking Grandmother with Ewe/French/English-speaking Kodjo, and they are singing together in all languages, glorifying the God who understands all languages, who sees all hearts. People of all generations, from Adam and Eve to my friends who have passed away recently, all are joined together singing to a God I cannot fathom, but I long to worship nonetheless. I take such advantage of this all-powerful God, forgetting his faithfulness as I see only earthly uncertainty, forgetting his goodness as I see only earthly struggle, forgetting his mercy as I see only earthly condemnation. Señor, te adoramos hoy, te exaltamos hoy, tu misericordia es eterna.

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