Thursday, October 15, 2009

All over the place

Day 8 at the Casa
I feel like I was MADE FOR THIS. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt that way before. Teaching. Orphans Both... I’m not ready to leave. This feels like it FITS. I love that feeling. I don’t want to lose this life. It feels right.

Day 11 at the Casa
I’m dry. The days are long and filled with things I need to do, not with things I want to do. Life at the Casa is hard, heavy, dry. Trying to handle almost all of the kids is too much…I’m tired of thinking. I’m tired. It’s only Monday. Shoot.

Day 15 at the Casa
Though I lack gut, Spanish, and law enforcement, I feel like my presence is a fairly good fit.

Day 17 at the Casa
I’m so tired of this life. I don’t like it. I am ready for a change. Tonight I am glad I don’t have kids. I don’t even want a pet tonight. Ugh. I hate this attitude, this frustration.

Day 19 at the Casa
Today was calm, fun. I had a chance to help. I’m getting more used to things.

Life at the Casa for me has been all over the place. I have said from the beginning that it is a blessing to be there, and I stick by that. I have been immensely blessed there, able to deepen my relationship with many kids and adults, able to explain certain school things to kids, able to fill a staff need they have. I have learned much more about the Bolivian schools and much more Spanish. I look at the time there, and I see a tired Bethany, but a much bigger purpose. It has been an incredible blessing to be there.

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