Friday, October 23, 2009

20 Things I Learned in Bolivia

Some of the Many Things I’ve Learned in Bolivia

1. Always check your toothbrush for ants.
2. You can clean everything with ACE (pronounced ah’-say).
3. French fries go with everything, even and especially soup.
4. “Catholic” means different things in different countries.
5. A dog can teach you a lot about your relationship with God.
6. Toothbrushes are better bought in the U.S. Gel, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, fruits, vegetables, and so much more are better bought in Bolivia.
7. It’s best not to have internet at your house. You get sucked in.
8. Orange juice squeezed in front of you tastes amazing.
9. When bananas are ready to be cut off the tree, you have to cut almost the whole tree down or no more will grow.
10. Banana tree juice stains and tastes terrible.
11. Idolatry exists in many forms, and it exists in every country.
12. Outer appearance is less important than what is going on in your heart.
13. Circumstances don’t determine happiness, you do.
14. I can worship washing dishes (by hand or machine), hear a sermon while washing clothes (by hand or machine), and pray while commuting to work (on foot or in car), but I still need to set aside time to just be with God (daily).
15. Climate, altitude, landscape, temperature, culture, transportation methods, and price ranges can drastically change during a four-hour drive.
16. Walking is much better than driving.
17. I don’t need 95% or more of the stuff I thought I needed.
18. Not everyone thinks like I do.
19. We will never be able to receive true acceptance if what we give is condemnation.
20. Deciding to live as a missionary subconsciously includes a decision to nevermore belong to any one culture.

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