Friday, April 8, 2011

Biggest Week of the Training

Well, mileage-wise, this is the biggest week because it will be the week of my training with the most miles. I am supposed to do 5, 10, 5, then 20 miles. The day after I run 20 miles I am supposed to sit in a car for hours on my way to a work event. I'm not sure how much my legs are going to like that. Last week, the day after I ran 18 miles, I sat on a plane for hours and my legs were super unhappy. Once I got moving, though, they stretched out and calmed down a little :-)

After this week, I start pulling back and resting up for the big race. That seems a little scary as I think about how close it is getting. In some ways I am overwhelmed by the commitment of the training, but mostly I am amazed at how perfectly it fit into this semester and I am eager to continue running and training after this...although I am not sure if it will be another marathon, a half marathon, etc. I don't expect to have the time to dedicate to any marathon training this next fall as I will be student teaching, but it is possible that I will surprise myself in the fall or that the spring will once again lend itself to more serious training.

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Tammy odell said...

So proud of you Bethany!!