Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rock

Life has been so incredible here in Entre Rios. I have felt a peace that has been lacking in recent months. There is a calm in my heart and a renewed joy on my face. The joy increases with each new friend, the calm increases with each morning coffee or evening sunset. Here I have been at peace with God, learning and growing in ways unforeseen. It has been beautiful. I am blessed on all fronts.

However, today was an explosion of fatigue, sin, and overexposure. The conversations all leaned to one end and I run to the other, bursting with angry screams waiting to be released. I am frustrated with all, myself worst of all.

We went up to Entre Rios’ Christ statue today. It is a place of beauty, filled with roses still in bloom with the approaching winter months. The statue rises above the trees, stands over the town, can be seen from all sides. I look up at it today. It is a rock backdropped by angry clouds. Fitting. Yet it stands firm, no matter the storm.

This storm shall pass. The rock remains.

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