Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pictures from La Paz


This is La Paz, home sweet home for the first two weeks. The house you see is the house where we lived for two weeks. We are living with Mauricio and Andrea here in Caranavi. This is Mauricio's mother's house in La Paz. My room is the window on the left, kind of behind the pole. There is a cool garden right behind the wall.

The other pictures are La Paz. I took the two city scapes pictures from a great park near downtown. I love the town, and the way that it is set up, you often have this view or a similar one as you wind around the streets that lead you into downtown. Notice, however, in the vertical picture, how different the landscape is in the bottom of the picture. It seems there is a mixture, the wealthy living among the poor, the poor living among the wealthy. That happens in many cities, I know.
The mountain picture shows Illimani, the mountain that sits above La Paz. You can't often see it due to clouds.
The people you see are Mauricio's mother, whom we stayed with, and Marielle's family. Marielle is Mauricio's sister. They came over to the house almost every day. They were wonderful friends.
Here ends my pictures from La Paz. Stay tuned for Caranavi!

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