Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Declaration of Appreciation

Guard rails: I appreciate you. In fact, I appreciate you so much that I think EVERY road should have you. You are good and I want you close to me on any mountainside. But not TOO close. I prefer to see you from a safe distance.

Taxi drivers: I appreciate you. I am so glad I don't have to navigate these roads. Please keep up the good work.

Sinks with washboards built in: I appreciate you. You make doing laundry by hand a little bit easier.

Katie's Ipod": I appreciate you. You sing to me in English. You have almost all of my favorite songs. You block out unwanted sound and fill my ears with happy music. I think you might be my favorite possession.

Skype: I love you almost as though you were a real person. Thank you for existing.
Two lane roads: I think there should be more of you. You are a good thing in a world of one lane roads on the sides of hills.

Banana trees: I think it is cool that your leaves are bigger than my entire body. I can't wait until you are in season.

Facebook: I appreciate you. You let me see my friends from all over the world. Maybe you should even be available offline!

Rainforest birds: I appreciate you. I spent my whole life listening to you only through sound machines and nature CDs. Now you live right outside my house. Don't be scared of stupid dogs barking. Chachi the dog can't hurt you when you are in the trees.

Runners: I appreciate you. It has been a long time since I have seen one of you, but I know you are out there. Keep up the good work.

El, La, Lo, Los, Las, Les: I appreciate you even though I never use you correctly. You serve a good purpose, and one day I hope we can be friends.


Penny Burns said...

blogs: you allow me to keep up with my dear friend
bethany: you are my dear friend, i miss you oh so much.

ps- i am trying to get some skype access soon, so i can chat with you
have exciting things to tell you!

Mara said...

You make me smile!

Zac and Amber said...

Bethany: I like you.

Katie Ernst said...

ummm i love it. u make me smile. miss you. I miss our random sleep overs. I miss you at events...