Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top 12

These are the Top 10 (turned into 12) things for which I am grateful right now. I meant to take my own pictures, but decided to collaborate with the genius of others to accent my thoughts instead. Each of these pictures uniquely describes the idea to me.

1. Opportunity- I am so blessed to be a part of a place, a time, a family, a life where I have the opportunity to explore, the opportunity to experiment, the opportunity to have dreams, the opportunity to follow dreams.

2. Potential- Discovering a child's potential is my passion. Helping children discover their own potential is my purpose.

3. Nature – Brilliant greens on cloudy days, flowers blooming one after another, silent snow blanketing the night, sunny warm days, breezes, hills, mountains, oceans, lakes, shade, growth, peace

4. Health – I have never appreciated health so much as during a recent sprained ankle. I wake up everyday, get out of bed, breathe, run, live, love, laugh. I am blessed.

5. Running – Yes, I run for physical health benefits. But that's not what keeps me running. I run for sanity, for peace, for its healing qualities, to be one with nature, to hear the crunch of gravel beneath my feet, to hear my breathing, to have a sense of accomplishment, to feel proud about who I am and what I have done today.

6. Friendship – there’s nothing like the feeling of spending time with a person that loves me, inspires, me walks with me, KNOWS me

7. Worship – music, song, voices, expression, fellowship, unity, singing with every tribe, nation, and tongue

8. Music – deep expression of the soul, enhanced by every mood, it awakens my soul, gives it a voice, and lets it sing.

9. Inspiration – Nothing inspires me more ;-)

10. Creativity - One of the things that inspires me most. I love seeing/hearing/experiencing the expression of the soul

11. Perspectives - There are multiple ways of looking at things. I love seeing beyond.

12. Dance - Such a beautiful act.

Photos by Marc Adamus, Ian Plant, Guy Tal, Jerry Greer and XRock-AngelX's Photography

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