Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 days and they are gone

30 days and then they’re gone. The students came and went in this CEC course. Juniors in high school from La Paz, all from the same school. They cook, they clean, they do manual labor, but most importantly they learn about God, spend time with God, learn about serving and serve each other. The month flew by for me, and just as I was getting to know them, they left.

Some friends from the January course came to talk with them, enjoy the CEC, and see old friends last weekend. As the CEC students left on the morning after the graduation, we cleaned, cooked, and made the beds ready for the next group, coming in one hour. It was a whirlwind, and then there were 23 people from Holland and Germany here. They have done amazing things for the Casa de Esperanza. They came ready to play and ready to serve. In less than a week there have been dancing classes, painting classes, construction in three places, water tanks fixed, parties to pamper and express appreciation for the those who work to keep the Casa running. I have gotten to know some great Dutch and German people, and I have also enjoyed spending more time with the kids at Casa. Translating is interesting. They are translating Dutch and German to English (almost all of them know English), sometimes directly to Spanish, or we are there to translate the English to Spanish. I need a bigger vocabulary to successfully translate.

The group of 23 comes with 23 sets of gifts to share. Some work in construction. Some come ready to work, some ready to play, but all come with a unique gift to share. This has been a theme that God is showing me lately. We all have different gifts, and God has brought so many people together here with unique gifts to share, perfect timing in which to share them, and the ability to fit a need or the courage to grow to fit a need. Sometimes it is frustrating when the gifts…and lack of gifts…clash. However, I am finally starting to realize that God knows what he is doing.

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