Saturday, May 23, 2009


Three horses stand at the ready along the side of the road. One saddled, one in the process, and one waiting. Working with smiles on their faces are Berto and Daniel, two leaders in the church here. 24 and 25, they have lived much longer than I in many senses. As we ride, I hear their stories.

Berto almost died when bitten by a snake at the age of ten. Various things that shouldn’t have happened all came together at once to save his life. Yes, Berto lives with purpose, knowing he is alive for a reason.

Daniel grew up here, but his parents are separated and live in two different areas. Daniel went to work in Argentina for a time, but came back alone to work his farm.

We ride and chat amongst the hills of Naranjos, a small community outside of Entre Rios which I have grown to love. The river roars nearby, but I can’t hear it today. Children watch from across the road, and I can’t resist the opportunity to chat. We shell more peanuts at the pastor’s house, sitting on his porch as the sun sets.

A glimpse of heaven to my soul.

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