Monday, February 23, 2009

The Return of the Mouse

The Return of the Mouse

I had just returned to my room and entered the bathroom. I saw a fleeting shadow, and wrote it off as a moth. Seconds later, the shadow is circling my bathroom, very obviously not a moth but a mouse, frantically trying to get out, and I am screaming my mostly silent hoarse scream as I try to figure out what to do. Do I let it out of the bathroom into my room? Will it stop circling the tiny space? The mouse scrambles to get under the door, but it doesn’t fit. Finally, as I am ready to open the door and give it access to my room for lack of other options, it pops down the shower drain. I need to get a better cover for that drain. Now the question is, if I shower, will it pop up in my face? Or perhaps I will drown it and then my shower will reek like decomposing mouse and won’t drain. Or does little mousey have another way out?

(Answer: It had another way out.)

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Charlotte said...

Dan and I laughed at this story. Thanks for sharing!