Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mouse vs. My Face

2:30 am. I am awake. I get a drink, and go back to sleep.
3:19 am. There is something in my closet. Fearless this time, as opposed to the last time I heard something in my room a week or two ago (rat?), I throw open my closet door and quickly lift up the ziplock bag where I have been keeping some crackers. A mouse smaller than the one we killed last Saturday in the kitchen runs straight at me on the shelf that is eye level, and takes a daring jump straight off the shelf and into my face. As I throw myself against the door to my closet, the mouse plops to the ground and scurries under the door that leads outside. With my heart still pounding, I find a Tupperware for the other food I have and throw away the crackers the mouse was eating.
6:00 am. I had wanted to get up early and spend some time praising God. I was hungry for God last night, and so eager to spend more time with him. Instead, I sleep through the extra half hour I had planned with God and even through most of the time I needed to get ready.
6:58 am. Though I didn’t have much time to get ready before breakfast, I decided I should make my bed. As I pull my sheet and blanket up, I find two little mouse poops. Not only did the mouse fly at my face last night, he also cuddled up with me in my bed. Thoroughly disgusted, I go to breakfast.
7:26 am. There is no coffee left. I have gotten myself addicted to coffee, and now I can look forward to a coffee withdrawal headache. Shoot.
7:27 am. My new routine includes quiet time with God between breakfast and the time we start school. However, today I slept through the first chance for God time and need to wash my mouse pooped sheets during my second chance for God time so they will dry by tonight. Oh, Lord, help.

10:30 pm. Time for bed again. I have all my food in a Tupperware that has books on top of the lid to keep it secure. The two doors to the outside and the door leading to the rest of the house are blockaded by water bottles and shoes. These won’t keep a mouse out, but at least I might know if the mouse has entered if something is knocked over. Clean sheets. Clean floor. Clean closet. Blockaded doors. I warily fall asleep willing the mouse to stay away.

Later in the week: the blockades have been working! I haven’t heard a mouse or found any evidence (i.e. poop) in my room. The blockades should be absolutely insufficient against the ants, but are nonetheless working against them too! I have much fewer ants in my room, as though the presence of the shadows scares them away. Awesome.

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Charlotte said...

If your life was made into a movie it would make me laugh and cry. It is a good one.

May your face continue to win this fight!