Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm in the plaza surrounded by people. I have been here before, surrounded by my Kindred teammates. Though the location is the same, so much has changed. I look around and after only one month here I know so many people, and I have so much more to learn. There are the singers from the church, who are going to sing here tonight. I recognize the pastors, and over there are some of our neighbors. There are the two visiting from Cochabomba and there is my dear friend from Coroico. There is the group that has been here all week from La Paz, and there is their teacher from Brazil. There's my favorite plaza baby (meaning I see her in the plaza all the time). She and her parents are from Argentina. And there are my friends that have been helping us out all week. They live in town, but have been staying with us. I feel so blessed. I am surrounded by friends and praise music. Awesome. And yes, I do know a lot of their names; I didn't include them on purpose.

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hockeymom3sons said...

Everytime I try to leave you a comment, I have trouble when I get down to the word verification - so I am never sure that my message gets through to you - one more try - Basicaly I just wanted to tell you that Chris and I were talking about you yesterday and missing you and I wanted to wish you a blessed Christmas.