Friday, October 31, 2008

Pidgeons landing on my head...and more

We are still in La Paz, and there is definitely a lot to see, do, and think about. We ventured out today and yesterday. Yesterday I took the kids on a little walk downtown and we came across a plaza surrounded by governmental buildings, I think. The plaza held all the entertainment though, as there were thousands of pidgeons waiting to be fed. So, of course, we bought corn and fed them! Before I even opened the package, one landed right on my head! We were covered in pidgeons, the plaza had thousands of them! T.J. had at least four on each arm at one point! And to think in Sucre two years ago I spent so much time trying to catch one!
I am really enjoying all of the kids. I love the Bolivians, too, but it is frustrating not to be able to understand very much of what they are saying. They have been SO kind and welcoming. We are relearning the customs here. Bolivians are much more polite in their greetings than I ever have been. Today we had lunch at a lovely family's house. We went swimming and played in their amazing gardens. Before that we played at a skate park! I never would have guessed. It was a lot of fun to be with the four Kraft kids and the four Bolivian children that we have been with. Two of those kids will live at the school with us in Caranavi. I am so glad. I love that family already.
I have seen so much beauty here. There is of course the beauty of La Paz. I can't describe it better than to say that it is like living inside the Grand Canyon. The colors are beautiful, red and white cliffs dotted with homes. If you look up, you see homes where in the Midwest you would simply see sky. Then there is the beauty of the people. Life is so busy here. But it isn't exactly life that's busy, it is more that people are out experiencing it together. The familiarity of this place comes not just from having been in La Paz before, but from the familiar touch of cheeks as we greet each other, familiar smells (though I can't prove this, I will argue that La Paz has a smell and I haven't smelled it for a year and a half. I KNOW this smell!), familiar sounds of Spanish greetings, and familiar sights of colorful buildings, typical dress of the Bolivian women. I am glad to be here. I have so much to learn.


Charlotte said...

How wonderful to be able to keep up with you this way. I am so excited for you and for what God will be doing through you and the Krafts. I'm just filled with joy over this new chapter in your life! You are in our prayers.

Katie said...

Sipping mandarin orange spice tea and reading your blog..glad for the chance to catch up with where you are.
If you have seen "Mary Poppins", I am envisioning you singing 'Feed the Birds' as you dance around feeding the pigeons :) They were everywhere in Japan, too - we had to battle with them over ownership of our balcony, and in the end, they won. So watch your head!
It was good to read that you are safe, enjoying yourself, and surrounded by kindly people. You are lovingly thought of in Texas, and in our prayers.